open first manifest, cc license,





Whatever it is you are currently working on.
Your idea. Your project. Your startup. Your dream.
Go for it! Innovate! Build it! But build it  open…

Because this world is a hell of a lot more fun if everyone gets to enjoy it.
The trillions who might follow you should do so too.

Don't go for walled gardens. Instead,
create open ecosystems that invite others to contribute.

They will bring their domain knowledge.
They might base their businesses on you.
They will take it to levels you could never have imagined.

Let others steal your ideas. It’s a signal you’re doing something valuable.
Help others learn what you do best. So you can jump on to the next challenge.

Tell others where you messed up. So they don’t have to make the same mistakes.
Make money where you are irreplaceable. And you will remain irreplaceable.

Save the time and paper you need for NDAs.
Make kids and paper planes instead.

Ditch your club nights for hackathons. But don’t forget to party.
Start dancing on your desk and celebrate every time someone else creates
something cool - by using your code, your artwork, your design, your sounds,
your thoughts, and your ideas.

Talk to the guys with the ties - and to the offbeats with the funny hats.
Discuss your ideas with your colleagues, your friends, and your enemies.

Quarrel with your boss and challenge your grandma, knowing elder people
are wise. And sometimes the good ol' things can be upcycled to rock the world.

Break down the barriers between tradition and innovation.

Invite your suppliers, intensify your partnerships,
involve your customers, and understand those who do not go for you yet.

Find the best from all industries and combine it into a new
benchmark, artwork, piece of art, work of art, or monument.

Mix up your communities because this world is motley and wild.
Untie your company and unleash your fantasy.

Don’t be afraid to lose power, control, or market share.
As long as you remember to keep your doors and your minds open -
and get ready to receive.

The more knowledge, the more ideas, the more
experiences you give away, the more you will eventually get back.
Go for a smooth balance between give and take.

Share your love and passion for building exciting new things.
Don't let budgets, processes or bureaucracy wreck your intentions.
Build on diversity, openness, and collaboration instead.

Go for real challenges and rock your open space, your jam, your meetup.

Place the awards on your shelves, your accomplishments will make you smile.
It’s putting a dent in the universe that will make it all worth the effort.
Of being open …first.