Our common foundation

There’s a common foundation, that we feel comfortable with and that drives what we do, who we are and how we respect each other:

  • open first
  • pull instead of push
  • a shared passion for (open) innovation
  • we are authentic, based on our values and trust
  • community driven (equal, collaborative, meritocracy)
  • solving barriers and borders, open exchange and transparency
  • striving to cross industry borders
  • incite cultural change (building an open company culture)
  • creation of open content (creative commons) on innovative methods and formats

What we value

We enjoy connecting to like minds, we like challenging others and we take out positive energy from spending quality time with like-minded spirits. Regard the following items as our common social contract, that best reflects our values and culture:

  • providing a valuable source for innovation
  • accomplish job requirements (innovation management)
  • local meetups (foster personal exchange, sparring or challenging)
  • proactive trend scouting
  • collection of use cases in different industries
  • entry point into corporations to start a dialog
  • honeypot (attract / discover / explore new thinkers)
  • business model innovation
  • digital evolution / transformation
  • bringing up new sources of external value creation
  • building knowledge and experience on innovative methods and formats